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Sheriff's Sales

Sheriff sales will be held at the Creek County Courthouse on Mondays at 10:00a.m., unless noted otherwise.

You do not have to be registered to bid. Anyone interested in a property needs to be at the sale by 10:00 a.m. Sales begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. and typically will go quickly. Please note that a sale may be recalled at any time up until the time of the sale.

Properties will be announced by the case#, name of the parties and common address if known. The opening bid must be at least 2/3 of the appraised value of the property. Properties cannot be sold for less than 2/3 amount. If the amount owed on the property or judgment is for less than 2/3 of the appraised value, the attorney may enter a “no bid”. The 2/3 amount will be announced and bidding can commence at the amount.

** Please note that attorneys are given bidding instructions by the plaintiff(s) and are free to bid the property up on their behalf**.

Winning bidders are required to deposit 10% of their winning bid amount with the sheriff’s office. The remainder of the balance is due three (3) days prior to the confirmation hearing. The court clerk can advise you of the confirmation hearing date.

Please note that any questions you have regarding a property needs to be addressed before the sale date. You may research the property at the courthouse. For instance, if you want to verify the amount of land that is with a residence, you could contact the Assessor’s Office. If you want to see if there are any other liens, you can check with the County Clerk’s Office, and for property tax information contact the Treasurer’s Office.

Assessor’s Office- 918-224-4508

Treasurer’s Office- 918-224-4501

County Clerk’s Office- 918-2244084

Sheriff’s Office- 918-227-6374








CJ-12-540 2nd alias 811 N Elizabeth St Sapulpa $60,000.00

CJ-13-196 alias 14444 S 177th W Ave Kellyville $65,333.33

CJ-13-416 441 E Allen St Kellyville $8,000.00


CJ-13-246 alias 19511 W 116th St S Sapulpa $40,000.00

CJ-13-165 3rd alias 639 E Camden St Kellyville $76,666.66 4/10/14

CJ-12-178 alias 6708 W Canyon Rd Tulsa $78,666.66

CJ-14-6 7871 Patriot Lane Sapulpa $80,000.00

CJ-13-397 7597 S 65th W Ave Tulsa $53,333.33

CJ-13-224 6241 W 155th W Ave Sapulpa $56,666.66

CJ-12-287 801 E Dewey Sapulpa $150,000.00

CJ-12-287 9 N Birch St Sapulpa $13,333.33

4/29/14 in BRISTOW

BCJ-13-26 7052 S 385th W Ave Mannford $14,666.66


CJ-13-466 225 E 14th Mounds $16,666.66

CJ-13-418 210 S Park Sapulpa $126,666.66

CJ-12-311 5th alias 1350 W Ross Sapulpa $80,000.00


CJ-13-384 35505 W 31st St S Mannford $56,666.66

CJ-12-564 3rd alias 106 W Birch Sapulpa $13,333.33

CJ-10-288 5th alias 12215 S Hwy 48 Bristow $23,333.33

CJ-14-47 202 E Washington Ave Bristow  $26,666.66

CJ-13-18 132 E Jackson Ave Sapulpa $36,000.00

CJ-13-308 33851 W 261st St S Bristow $70,000.00

CJ-13-331 18 E Fairlane Ct Sapulpa $73,333.33

CJ-06-978 2206 S 113th W Court $140,000.00

CJ-13-239 211 W Broadway St Oilton $10,000.00

CJ -13-387 2909 Hickory Bluff Rd. Sapulpa $40,000.00

CJ-13-405 1225 S Adams St Sapulpa $70,000.00


CJ-13-55 4th alias 1940 W Taft Sapulpa $50,000.000

CJ-13-286 alias 14653 S 401st W Ave Bristow $58,666.66

CJ-14-66 811 S Water St Sapulpa $22,666.66

CJ-14-12 27 W Fairlane Pl Sapulpa $60,000.00

CJ-13-409 17336 S 97th W Ave Mounds $40,000.00

CJ-12-550 alias 6235 S 41st W Ave Tulsa $13,333.33

CJ-12-550 alias 6124 S 41st W Ave Tulsa $10,000.00

CJ-12-550 alias 6220 S 41st W Ave Tulsa $10,000.00

CJ-13-302 alias 37423 W Hwy 16 Bristow $83,333.33


CJ-13-440 alias 36055 W 91st S Mannford $53,333.33
































































































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